29 January 2011

Gracious Secret!

It was a cloudy, drizzling morning…sitting in the open area of Mahavir, Dinesh Bhaiya leaned forward and said to me ‘Your mantra is…’ I very clearly remember this is how I got my Sahaj mantra almost a year and half back! It’s such an incredible, astounding, amazing course of the Art of living Foundation. You just sit with eyes closed and say the precious, personal mantra of yours and there you go in meditation so easily and so effortlessly. Meditation is diving deep within; bringing the mind, which is all over the place, back to its source.

As I practice it I feel as though I reach in this totally different world where I get ultimate calmness, repose in the cool, serene depth of my Being and more than anything makes me feel so complete! Ideally meditation is for nothing less than 20 minutes but there are a few times in which I myself am surprised to see that I meditated for a good 40-45 minutes without any pain or realization of how time just flew by getting that deep rest. I wanted to share what I experience but that beautiful feeling when you don't feel your breath is indescribable!! It’s Grace which makes this work! :)

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Anonymous said...

so true and complete your post is :)